Milestones in Peru

By Experimenter Twesha

It seemed like all of Peru had a birthday on July 11!  Ben, a fellow experimenter, turned seventeen and Camila, my host sister, turned fourteen while I celebrated eighteen years of life. While I missed my family, I definitely did not regret celebrating abroad, and here’s five reasons why:

  1. In Perú, we went to the beach, which isn’t possible in Pittsburgh.
  2. There’s a Peruvian tradition to crack eggs on your head, and to me that’s just natural shampoo!
  3. When I went to school, young Peruvian students made me cards and gave me hugs which is always appreciated (and very cute!)
  4. Here, I got to eat la torta de tres leches which will always be my favorite type of cake.
  5. They sang four different Happy Birthday songs in Spanish for us!