As I write, our program has come to a close. From the warm waters of the gulf to the crystal clear visions of the reef in Baja, our group traveled far and wide in search of biodiversity and a better understanding of our southern neighbor. From jungle to desert, we have hiked, kayaked, and snorkeled. Rode on bus, boat, planes, and hurried burdened by luggage. Truly we have traveled. Packing quickly and efficiently has become a reliable skill, expecting the unexpected has become second nature, and approaching each day with vigor for life has become essential.

Our final week was as full as ever before. Each day we spent exploring a different part of the marine life that exists so close to the desert of the peninsula. Never a dull moment as we traveled to the most jaw dropping beaches, swam beside turtles and saw sea lions in their natural habitat. The area surrounding La Paz was filled with sights to behold and the students surely felt in awe. After every experience they left excited and motivated.
The final week gave time for reflection as well. Tears fell and speeches we’re given last night. In addition to all the experiences had, these students have grown  together to become a family. It is with great sorrow we say goodbye to so many passionate driven students, but we know that they will only go on to pursue dreams and adventures far greater than anything we could conjure.