Week 1 in South Africa
Our first week started off pretty cold! We arrived in Johannesburg (Joburg) jet lagged- but not lagging in excitement as we prepared for the adventures to come! In the following days we visited the Mandela Foundation and Apartheid museum. Both were incredibly powerful and eye-opening! We were also able to travel to Soweto (South West Township) where we explored the Hector Pieterson museum and toured the home of Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected president of South Africa. To step inside the home of one of South Africa’s most prominent influences was nothing short of incredible! After a few days of learning about South African history, we drove to the Drakensberg mountains where we zip-lined, hiked, and enjoyed relaxing in the nature and quiet. Drakensberg was a little droplet of heaven- its ambience was filled to the brim with serenity. The sunsets, peeking over the mountain and reflecting off the water, were the epitome of beauty! We then headed into Durban where we met our in-country partners! We got the chance to tour the 2010 World Cup Stadium by a former city manager, and we enjoyed a jazz night at the local university. We also got the chance to learn about the city through exploring various assigned sites. Overall, it’s been great! We can’t believe how much we packed into a week! Hopefully the rest of our time will be just as eventful and meaningful!
More to come!
Rachel, Sophia, and Jake