Southern Excursion in Jordan

It was quite an awakening experience exploring Southern Jordan. In just a couple days, we got to thoroughly explore a wonder of the world, a widely popular desert for filming contemporary movies such as Aladdin, and Jordan’s only port, on a sea of beautiful and clear water. Not only did this experience bring us closer together as a group as we were spending all the time together, but we also came together to realize what an amazing opportunity this trip is for us as we are reaching the end. The hikes through the hot Petra and Wadi Rum to the nice and refreshing vacation like interaction with Aqaba’s beach gave us a fun manner in exploring Jordan’s wonder and magnificence. The extraordinary sunset viewing we had in the South symbolized the upcoming end to an amazing journey abroad, in an ever ending effort to expand our horizons so to become global citizens.

Camel trek in Wadi Rum. 

Watching the sunset in Wadi

The view of the Red Sea in Aqaba. The land on the other side is Israel!

Experimenters, Leaders, and student volunteers in front of Al-Khazneh, or the Treasury, one of the most iconic monuments in Petra.