Japanimation Group 2 -Boku no Hero Academia cafe and even more BNHA – by Ysabel


Boku no Hero Academia cafe and even more BNHA – by Ysabel


Before I had come to Japan, I had heard of a Boku no Hero Academia(an anime about super hero school) cafe. Along with a few others in the group, we went to find one in Akihabara. However, the cafe apparently changes its themes every so often and reservations were needed. We were disappointed but did not give up. A few days later, another group told us of seeing a cafe in Harajuku. Along with two others, we embarked on a journey to find it. We had no luck at first, but as we continued down we had found the cafe. We were complete dweebs in the cafe and bought specialized Boku no Hero meals and drinks. We giggle like nerds and for a solid 5 minutes we took pictures of our food.


Also in Harajuku, we found some Gachapon, something like a toy vending machine, in an anime shop. There were Boku no Hero figures ranging from 500 yen to 2500 yen. Those tiny figures could be bought for 300 yen from the machine at random. The figures consisted of the characters Iida, Bakugou, Izuku, Todoroki, and Uraraka. We got the entire set on the first try, and were dweebs about that too. For only 1500 yen we had gotten the entire set by luck, while buying it would be somewhere around 5000 yen.