Japanimation Group 2 – First Experiences by Kerry & Koffi

Week one in Japan has been eventful despite arriving just seven days ago. On the streets of Akihabara, a group of us visited a maid cafe, full of sweet food, a welcoming atmosphere, and great service. At a school Nakano, we learned the basics of drawing faces and poses from different angles, as we start to animate our characters . Then we visited a Buddhist temple in Kouun and learn proper temple etiquette, Zen meditation, and asked a Buddhist monk about his training. We have also been starting more in depth Japanese language lessons so that we can better communicate with our host families in Hokkaido in just a few short days. We received our letters from our host families and we’re very excited to meet them in person. The first week of Japan has been a very exciting start to what will be an unforgettable experience. – Kerry

In this picture you can see Koffi, Calvin, Abe posing for photo at the maid Home Café. You can see the 3 amigos enjoying the wonderful performance given at the café. The three described the maid performance to be very energetic and happy.


This photo was taken as one of the objectives in a scavenger hunt that was assigned by the Japanese language teacher. It was a fun experience to explore part of Japan.