Japan Language Classes

“This past week in Sapporo has been a wonderful experience. We got to take language classes that were at each of our levels, I had a major boost in my language skills and it renewed my passion for learning Japanese. In the evenings we got to meet with our language exchange partners, shop, explore, and eat amazing foods. Sapporo is an amazing city and I would love to have more time to explore.” – Amber

“In Sui Sui class with Arai Sensei we read and practiced some very difficult Japanese. First we read a traditional Japanese children’s tale, which, despite being a children’s tale, contained some very complex sentence structure, kanji, and unique vocabulary. The story, revolving around a young boy and a monk, involves an altercation with a Witch and using 3 lucky charms to defeat her! On another day we took a trip to the Sapporo Station and mall where we had a project in which we ask workers questions and try to find specific traditional Japanese items: traditional bowls, plates, foods, and more! It was fun and good practice interacting with the people of Japan and using Japanese in public. Finally, we went on a scavenger hunt in which we had to use our Japanese and navigational skills to travel all around Sapporo; “checkpoints” include a large Shrine surrounded by a lush forest, a large park and Amphitheater, and much more.” – Jason

“In Sapporo we got to hang out with several college students and have dinner at one of their houses. We also climbed up to the top of Mt. Moiwa with them. We had the opportunity to go to school in order to learn Japanese. I got to go to a bathhouse which was very fun, enjoyable, and relaxing. We also did a  “secret pals” game where we drew names from a hat and then had to find a small gift for them.” – Jimmy