Japan: Japanimation-group 2- Tokyo by David L.

David Li
Tokyo is just the right place to be when extravagant food is on your mind. Not only does
Tokoyo have a variety of restaurants that serve great Japanese food, they also have their fair
share of western food as well. a pleasant surprise for me has been Japanese McDonalds. the
ebi burger, a burger that is a filet’o fish that has shrimp stuffed into the patty. although I am
not a big fan of McDonald’s, I really enjoyed it. not only are the main dishes of Japan great,
delicious desserts and treats can be found all around from crépes, ice cream, cotton candy
and taiyaki, a type of pastry that is shaped like a fish and stuffed with custard and cream. i
can’t wait to try more food.
Something else that I have really enjoyed is going to anime school. although it is a pain in
the neck to wake up every morning at 6 something, school is never boring. I have had a lot
of fun coloring, drawing, and learning about all the different ways that anime and manga
have been made. I am looking forward to all the different classes in the future. in conclusion,
it be like that sometimes.