Germany Week 4, by Brianne Charles

All of the trials and tribulations of this trip have been worth it, I’ve gone from feeling like the “ odd one out “ to meeting wonderful friends that I will surely keep in touch with when I am home. Honestly, Berlin has been the best city to see despite walking around in the sweltering heat. Berlin is such a diverse melting pot and everybody’s cultures are infused into the city. Before I took this trip I would’ve never learned how welcoming  and friendly the people of Germany are. Also I was rather intrigued when learning about how Germany and other countries in Europe handle the refugee crisis. There were many things that were different from the U.S that i was not used to, like for example: the lack of air conditioning on transportation, the vast majority of Germans smoked cigarettes so the streets were smokey.  Also the food was very different. This added to my skill of adapting to new environments which is always conducive to my next step in life. Germany is filled with so much interesting culture and history and I was happy to be a part of that for one whole month and I will never forget this experience.

–Brianne Charles


Playing with refugee children, a visit to Sachenhausen concentration camp, visiting the German Bundestag (parliament) and making our own creations to take home at a street art workshop
Susanne kahler