Germany – Final Thoughts

It’s leaving day, currently 6:50 am European time, and I don’t ever want to leave this room. This stuffy, hot, messy hostel room with three of the best people I’ve ever known. I’m going to miss everyone, not just in my room but my group. We had good times together, and there were some bad spots but in the end we all got closer through the luggage carrying and the complaining and forced games late at night. We all have a bond now, and I will definitely try to visit each and every person in my group after we go our separate ways. There’s so much to reflect on, the heat, the amazing tours and workshops of all of the beautiful, (sometimes) diverse places that we went. For me, the highlights of this trip were the tours of cities, and the food, but most of all the people. Without these exact people, this trip would be completely different. I might’ve enjoyed it less, or even more, but I’m ecstatic with how everything has gone. And now we have to be gone. Looking back, I’ll never forget parts of this trip, the memories that I’ve made here I’ll cherish forever, even the smelly ones.

Written by Adriana, Experimenter

My first photo in Germany

Celebrating a birthday – with homemade apple strudel!