France: Regional Cultures – Homestay Farewells (Group 2)

The following is a poem/skit and a rap that the students wrote to describe their experience with their homestays, to highlight some of the challenges faced and wisdom gleaned, and to poke fun at their communication gaffes during the experience. It was presented in front of their host families at the Farewell/Thank you party at the end of the homestay. The families and group leaders/partners were blown away by the creativity and laughed tremendously. 

When a French family takes you in

When a French family takes you in, be prepared to introduce yourself with a kiss on each cheek.

You. Me. Do not speak the same language. Be prepared to not understand.

Know the words: Bonjour, bonne nuit, merci, de rien, excuse-moi, and ALLEZ LES BLEUS!

The toilet will not always be in the bathroom…

And remember: a small circle for number 1, big circle for number 2!

At dinner, make space for bread and cheese… and more cheese.

Snails, oysters, tartar (aka raw meat), they eat just about anything here… anything.

Plan three outfits three days ahead, because you wont get them back any time soon; they air-dry your clothes.

Showers, let’s talk about showers. 1 minute rinse, 1 min soap, 1 min scrub, 1 min rinse. Then… get out!

Keep your eyes open, take in what’s around you. France is beautiful, not just the Eiffel Tower. But watching glass being made right in front of your face, or seeing gates dusted in gold.

Ok, this one ‘s cool. Picture this: grocery store, full cart, and you don’t have to put it on a conveyor belt.  You pull out a small remote and pay. Beep!

When a french family takes you in, take advantage of that moment, live your best life, because you’re in France.


Quand une famille française vous accueille, soyez prêt de faire la bise.

Vous. Moi. On ne parle pas la même langue. Soyez prêt de ne rien comprendre.

Apprenez au moins ce qu’il faut: Bonjour, bonne nuit, merci, de rien, et ALLEZ LES BLEUS!

Les toilettes ne seront pas toujours dans la salle de bain. Et n’oubliez pas: les deux boutons sur la toilette servent à des choses différentes!

En dînant, il faut réserver l’appétit pour du pain et fromage… et encore du fromage.

Les escargots, les huitres, le tartar (alias “viande crue”), les français mangent presque tout… presque tout.

Sachez bien en avance comment vous allez vous habiller, parce qu’il faut attendre jusqu’á ce que la linge se sèche pour la porter.

La douche. Parlons de la douche. Une minute pour rincer. Une minute pour le shampooing. Une minute pour le savon. Une minute pour rincer. Puis… c’est fini!

Faites attention à tout ce qu’il y a autour de vous. La beauté de la France se trouve non seulement dans la Tour Eiffel, mais aussi juste devant vous, soit en observant la production de lu verre, soit dans les portails dorées.

Voilà un autre truc génial de la France… Imaginez: le supermarché, le chariot plein, et on n’est obligé de rien mettre sur le tapis roulant. On sort un petit télécommande et on paye. Beep!

Quand une famille française vous accueille, profitez du moment et prenez des risques, parce que vous êtes en France.


This is France

We just wanna travel

Going up to Europe

First we’re off to Paris

Meeting all of you (ohhh)

Traveling to Nancy

Goin to meet our families

Doing the excursions

Having lots of fun……… x2


This is France

Won’t catch em slippin tho x2

Everything’s perfect tho

This is France

Won’t catch em slippin tho x2

Everything’s perfect tho

This is France (yerrr)

Beauty is everywhere

Walk to go everywhere

Toilets they costs a fee

Yea, This is France (oui)

Metz and Strasbourg

They’re on the map

Paris you marry em

Yea yea I saw em taking pictures

Yea yea this is amazing times

Yea yea we get to hang with siblings

Yea yea a week to live their lives

Yea yea Early mornings yea

Livin life, we blessed

The Experiment

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, tell somebody

You go tell somebody

Rita told me, Tell yo story, story

Fefe told me tell it (tell it)

Go and Tell yo stories

Go and Tell yo stories


This is France