France: Cultural Discovery 2 Homestay

Homestay near Nancy: What the students say…

“I stayed in a nice home with a loving mother and a father I would call a little words and three siblings…Tom would be the highlight of my trip. He could walk into any room and instantly remind me that he’s the younger brother I’ve always wanted”

“My host father who doesn’t like crowds sacrificed himself to take us to both Bastille Day parties.”

“At first I was really frightened by the homestay but now that I’ve met the family and gotten to know their culture I can confidently say it was a great experience.”

“My homestay in Nancy was single handedly one of the most life changing experiences for me…We had inside jokes galore and multitudinous amounts of laughs.”

“My family was absolutely great. They treated me kindly and made me feel at home. We ate dinner as a family every day which was new for me because as I don’t eat with my family everyday…But I adjusted quickly to any differences I had with their culture.”

“My family reminded me a lot of how me and my family are in Nigeria.”

“I really enjoyed playing with the kids, we played lots of Uno and a game called Jeu de Nain Jaune.”

“My homestay was a very culturally enlightening experience; I plan to email them when I get home.”

“Thanks to various activities with took part in, like visiting a church and going to a concert and seeing a firework show we grew closer together and most of the tension and anxiety were eliminate.”

“My host brother made jokes and we bonded over a video game that helped us communicate.”

“I gained so much information about French culture from talks with my host family or while walking.”

“The first couple of days I was very homesick and culture sick. A routine started to develop and I became more familiar.”

“The pool with my little host brother Baptiste was probably one of my favorite moments. He quickly became the little brother I never had.”

We are now in Freiburg, Germany and we had a city tour with history, German language and customs. We learned about the little canals and to not accidently step in them or we would have to marry a Frieberger. We went to see the Black Forest and took a boat ride on the glacier lake. We rode the longest cable car in Germany to a high peak and even got a peak at the Swiss Alps.