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Bridging cultural divides is more important than ever. Our programs in the Arabic-speaking world place an emphasis on closing those gaps by having our students live with a host family. This is an invaluable experience for each participant, helping them to develop a strong connection and sense of belonging to the country. Here’s one Experimenter’s story of the surprising benefits of living with a family abroad.

By Experimenter Aidana

On the last day of our week living with a host family in Ait Ouahi, Morocco, I walked with my homestay mother to the bus that would take us to Fes. During the walk, she took my hand, and in that moment everything was said through our interlaced fingers. I realized this was not a goodbye, but the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

As we walked hand-in-hand, I heard some neighborhood children running behind us. The 15 other students and I had given them English lessons and they amazed me every day by picking up the language so quickly. Some of my favorite memories were playing silly games with them as their mothers watched in amusement. My eyes filled with tears as we hugged and said our farewells.

I took in the beauty of the village and realized just how much I was going to miss it. I’ll never forget the smell of hay and lavender in the wind, the bees buzzing through the tree branches, and the view of the moon and a million stars shining in the clear night sky.