Five Things to Expect in the Bush

By Experimenter Laura

  1. The stars are absolutely incredible; you can see the Milky Way! There are no words to describe the beauty and number of the night sky. Bring warm clothes and get ready to stargaze.
  2. Prepare for acacia. Thorns. Everywhere. You’ll find yourself with your hair tangled in the branches or with your foot pierced from ones littered on the ground. Wear thick soles and wear a hat for the best protection.
  3. Be open-minded to the customs of other cultures. In Maasai culture, we bow our heads to elders and greet everyone with the appropriate responses of Iko and Epa.
  4. Come to the bush hungry because Chef Ino is a fantastic cook and we get three meals a day, vegetarians included! If you don’t eat soup often, Ino will turn you into a soup fanatic.
  5. Be willing to learn everything from the Maasai, who are incredibly resourceful. Now we know how to brush our teeth using branches and how to milk goats for a sweet cup of chai!