First Impressions – Mexico City

Mexico City has been a whirlwind of experiences. From new sights, sounds, tastes and smells, it can feel like a sensory overload. Our first few days have been packed with activities exploring the ruins of Teotihuacan to visiting the world famous “Virgen de Guadalupe”  and enjoying an unforgettable performance of the “Baile Folkorico.” Though only a few days, the experience has given the students a brief overview of the many different facets and cultures that makeup the historical context of Mexico City.

Below are a few excerpts from students with prompts:

Something new I learned in Spanish- Emm

“At the ‘Pastelria Ideal’ (a famous bakery that specializes in enormous wedding cakes), the woman behind the counter showed me  a small box. ‘un kilo?’ she asked. I just wanted a few cookies, they were a sweet type of shortbread. “Si!” I said. She put the box together, and I got confused. The box was huge. So I got 2.2 pounds of “galletas” to carry around CDMX (Mexico City). I have zero regrets.”

Initial Preconceptions vs. Now- Moyah

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so colorful! I had the idea it would be like NYC. In some aspect it is, but the longer I stay the more beautiful Mexico City becomes!

Favorite Food So Far- Morgan

“My favorite food so far has been tostadas de tinga. There were so many flavors that I thought would clash but ended up blending perfectly together. They were also so much fun to try to eat!” (A flat crispy tortilla, eating them without a making a mess is a true feat).

Favorite Dance at the “Baile Folkrico” – Berenice

“My favorite dance was the one with the lassos and the grand finale. I liked the last one because I have danced those dances before and it was amazing to see them professionally performed. I also loved the one with the lasso because it was impressive to see how he did tricks with the lasso both with himself and the woman dancing with him.”

What was Interesting about Teotihuacan?- Margaret

” I learned that they would build larger temples over smaller ones, and that the biggest of all was the temple of the sun god.”

Any interesting Music? – Emmanuel

I have noticed the incorporation of Mariachi bands while we were eating dinner as well as being the main musicians during the “Baile Folklorico.”