As we started to head into our last week here, many of us were so surprised on how quickly our month had gone by. Although we are sad to be leaving Spain, we spent our last week learning new things and spending time together. On Monday, Arturo showed us around the Alhambra. We learned many things, such as the significance of the number 3 and how the Arabs had a reason for everything. On Tuesday, we had a flamenco class and attempted to learn the complex dance. Some of us failed and some prospered, but overall we all had fun learning something new. And on Thursday we watched a flamenco show. Seeing the amazing outfits the dancers had on and how their emotions can be expressed through the dance, songs and their facial expressions really showed how important this dance is to the Spanish and gypsy culture. We then went on an excursion in Monachil. It was full of beautiful scenery and great friends!

And now on our last day here in Granada, our host families came to visit us for a final farewell.