Ecuador – Baños and Ahuano

This week we visited Baños and Ahuano, near the Amazon. At Baños we visited Pailón del diablo waterfall. It was absolutely  breathtaking. We also rode a cable car, which granted us gorgeous 360 degree views. Another great activity included horseback riding. We galloped towards the mountain to visit volcanic springs. We were not in Baños for very long; however, we packed every minute with amazing activities.
After Baños, we visited Ahuano and stayed at the Gaia Eco Lodge in the Amazonía. The biodiversity was unbelievable. Transportation was quite fun! We traveled in motored canoes which would take us down along the river for tubing or swimming, or to Amazoonico, whose mission is to rehabilitate and release endangered animals. We made a special visit to a Kichwa home and observed the art of pottery and ceramics. The lodge was very special because we lived within nature. Often we would see curious monkeys near our cabins. We also had a fantastic view of the Napo River from our dining area. The Amazon has so much abundance and beauty. We will never forget how warm and welcoming the locals and staff were.