Discover Tanzania: African Cultures & Landscapes

“From the safaris, to the beaches, the homestay, the Maasai, the mural, the songs, and the streets, to the love and community that I was revived with, I never expected it to be this amazing. I had read the itinerary a thousand times and yet everyday was a new adventure. Because no matter how much I read about it, actually experiencing it was 100x better.” – Jacqueline

What Experimenters Are Saying:

We then had our homestay in the village of Stahabu, where I was stunned by the connections I was able to build with my family and other members of the village. The homestay experience is one that I believe could not be replicated outside of this program. It was unique and mind-blowingly different, yet normal.” – Maya

“Tanzania is such a culturally rich place with their preservation of traditional tribes, captivating music industry, and beautiful art and carvings. The people are so welcoming and they have the kindest hearts. We took on everything one day at a time.” – Christine

“I’m thankful for my home stay families because they taught me a lot about there culture and traditions. I know I wouldn’t have learned as much as what they have taught me, just by reading a textbook in a classroom. I got to experience there way of life and I stepped out of my comfort zone to do so. Another part I enjoyed from this trip was The safaris. I took many beautify pictures of the wild life animals. Spending a full day outside in the nature, looking at all the animals was just incredible.” – Laura

Program Highlights:

  • Take survival Swahili language classes and practice your Swahili in local markets, including a scavenger hunt at the busy Kariakoo market
  • Enjoy some beach time at the popular Kigamboni beach and Kipepeo resort
  • Explore and get to know your  host community and the surrounding area with your group, by helping prepare meals, doing household chores, and enjoying local activities such as weaving fishing baskets, collecting firewood, and harvesting coconuts
  • Enjoy a scavenger hunt with your host families and a Dhow ride, enjoying free time on the beach and experiencing a Tanzanian sunset
  • Meet with local artists who help teach local youth to use arts, such as hip-hop, . Paint and repair a home for children, design a mural with local children and interact with them over topics of globalization, environment, and culture
  • Spend a day in Arusha National Park where you will enjoy a walking safari, spotting wildlife including zebras, flamingos and colobus monkeys
  • Become fully immersed in the daily life of a Maasai family and community, living in tents and bomas alongside local villagers
  • Take a sunrise walk to Mt Kilimanjaro and enjoy a breakfast overlooking the magnificent view
  • Visit one of the seven natural wonders of Africa through a daylong safari in Ngorongoro Park and  enjoy an overnight camping  at Karatu
  • Enjoy day-long game drives to see baboons, hippos, giraffes, elephants, and lions

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