Cooking classes at Paul Bocuse in Lyon -France

Day 2 of cooking school was a surprise to walk in the kitchen to live crawfish. I picked them up alive as they try to crawl away. I then watch the chef pick up one, make it stop moving, and then watch it’s intestines get pulled out. I liked cooking school because it was cool to find out what all goes into each thing. I learned that measurements of grams must be accurate!




This week we got to work with our chefs to create some pretty amazing dishes. One thing I found surprising was that the presentation of the dish is very important and it can be hard to achieve a tasteful dish that also looks pretty. There would be times when the chef would make us start over our plating process or re-cut several pieces of food. While it was not what we wanted to hear then, what chef said was right: “if it is not pretty, people don’t eat it, no matter how good it tastes.” From then on we all learned to master different presentation and playing skills! 



Culinary training at the renowned Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon was not easy. From waking up early to catch the bus, to working long hours in the hot kitchen. However, it was an amazing experience i would never forget. Our chef was very interactive, supportive, and eccentric. It was really fun working with him as he taught us culinary skills and french recipes. The food we created tasted amazing and something that we would like to bring home to my family. Overall, even though the work was tedious, cooking in Lyon was an amazing experience i would never forget.



It was so amazing to see the talented chefs show us how to make such great dishes. Every single dish we made tasted incredible. The ingredients we used were so high quality, you can really taste the difference. Everyone worked together really well and we were able to create a beautiful table of food. After we got our certificates at our graduation ceremony, I realized that I will really miss waking up at 7:00 to catch the bus to go to class.



Going to the Paul Bocuse Institute was an experience of a life time. It was amazing to get to meet real chefs who have dedicated their lives to teaching a new generation of future chefs. Getting the chance to learn new techniques and skills in the kitchen was an wonderful opportunity that many would wish to have. The fact that we got to make delicious dishes with great ingredients was such an honor. It was an experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. 



Before the Experiment, I did not know how to cook. The cooking program at Paul Bocuse taught me how to cook simple dishes at a high level.



My experience at the Paul Boscue Culinary Institute was unexpectedly exciting. Before reaching the school, I loved to cook and eat food and I wanted to learn more about the proper techniques to cook certain food. After attending the school, I accomplished just that- I learned how to peel carrots and potatoes properly, how to cook steak with white wine and a lighter, and how to caramelize the top of crème brûlée with a blow torch.