China Group 2: Luoyang & Xi’an by Jinglei

July the 10 in Luoyang, or another name for it is Luolong. 

In this journey the group and I visited Buddha-temple. It was fantastic to learn about some of the culture and how they become in the statue in the wall. In my opinion, I believe those statues took forever to put in the wall of “rocks or mountains.” Here some of the pictures some of us and the Buddha.  

(Look closely to those mountains the Buddha are in there.) Amazing, right?


On July the 12th we went to Xi’an on a train for 6 hours. Xi’an was beautiful place and great food. We had so many fun adventures. We went to see Terra Cotta Warriors, the drum tower, and then we rode around Xi’an Wall “that was exciting and joyful,” so here is some pictures of our adventures we share to you! :)) 

Here is where there is a lot street food that you can try. This is why you can see there’s a lot people here.