Invisible Lines

I used to think borders only define a physical aspect of a culture- I’ve come to realise the cultural borders hold more authority. These imaginary lines are prevalent throughout modern-day India; whether through the social injustice of the caste system or gender discrimination, these cultural norms hold a place in the mindset of the general population.

However, I am simply here to observe- not to make judgement, not to make radical change. I do have one burning question-and-answer How essential are invisible borders to one’s culture and identity?


Soft knocking- just enough for my rag doll body to feel sporadic sensations of morning aches. The gentle whispers of my name seep through the cracks of an unsettled door; bringing a sense of consciousness to my motionless limbs. The vibrant realization of morning light pulls me into an almost tangible state of awareness. A friendly and unfamiliar face greets me with a cup- warm to the touch. I clasp the mug with the rim on my bottom lip and steam rolling up my face. As I inhale, I lift it up and feel the chaay rolling into my mouth. I take a sip and now lose the confusion of where I am. I go back for a second sip, this time with a subtle understanding. As my taste buds absorb the rich, decadent flavours, I know I’m in India.


Experimenters hiking to Mukteshwar