Week Four in Spain

During homestay, I stayed with the Yamaya Family. They are farmers and have a long stretch of fields around their house. The area is quite remote, as their house was the only house in the vicinity.

The family has 2 kids, Miyo (6) and Saki (2). Both are very energetic and love to play. The mother, Azusa, was very nice and accommodating. She cooked delicious meals for all of us. The father works a lot in the fields and makes a lot of jokes. I had a lot of fun talking (trying to talk) to them in Japanese and figuring out ways to communicate.

On the last day of homestay, I first went with my host family to a festival in a nearby town. Japanese festivals feature many food/game stands as well as street performers. Many people also wear Yukatas (festival dress).

Later that day, my family took me to see fireworks (Hanami). It was a long wait but well worth it as the firework performance was incredible. Paired with music, the show sent shivers down my spine, quite literally.