Cooking Week in France!

Each day started at 8am when we woke up, ate breakfast, and walked to the metro. When we got to the Institut Paul Bocuse we changed into our chef clothes that consisted of painstakingly white chef coats, chef pants, an apron, a toque, and finally the most uncomfortable steel toed shoes. After we changed we assembled into the kitchens, this is where the magic happened. We learned how to torch a creme brûlée, peel mushrooms, and make chocolate lava cake just to name a few. We would then congregate into the dinning hall and be served a meal that the students enrolled in the culinary school made. After lunch we would finish our dishes and clean up. The cleaning up consisted of doing dishes cleaning the tables and squeegeeing the floor! The chefs went against the stereotype and were actually really nice! I had an amazing time at the Paul Bocuse and got a taste of what it is like to cook like a chef!!!

 By Jami Sachs