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Develop your journalism and media skills, from news and sports broadcasting to film production, while exploring famous sites from London to Liverpool.

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July 8, 2019


Program Description

Your Experiment begins in London, where you will discover major landmarks, such as Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster (home of the British Parliament), and Buckingham Palace. Begin your media training with a visit to the British Film Institute; then start developing your filmmaking, interviewing, and presentation skills. Take part in discussions and seminars on rules and ethics in journalism, the role of the press, freedom of speech, and the effects of social media. Participate in journalism projects and receive expert training from media professionals such as creative writers and members of the press.

Practice your public speaking skills as you interview a Member of Parliament, actors at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and local celebrities. Draw inspiration as you travel to Liverpool to visit The Beatles Story museum and Manchester to tour British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) studios, where you will practice giving your own news report. Travel to Chelsea to learn about specific facets of broadcasting, such as sports media, as you visit the Chelsea Football Club. You will continue meeting with journalists and other field experts during debates and visits to local TV stations.

Perfect your skills during hands-on activities, such as creating your own newspaper or animated short film while you travel to meet your new host family and experience daily British life while working on your projects. You will present your film, newspaper, photo, and writing creations before returning to London for final reflection and exploration.





July 8, 2019 - August 6, 2019

Program Fee:


(does not include airfare)
Group Airfare Cost:


Depart/Return City:

New York


London, 2-3 days


Southport and Worcester*, 11-12 days

Other Accommodations:

Hostels, dorms

Sample Itinerary

    Days 1-3

    Orientation in London

    • Learn about the history and culture of the United Kingdom as you visit places of significance and explore diverse neighborhoods around the capital. 
    • Get to know other members of your group during activities, group discussions, and challenges such as a scavenger hunt.
    • Visit famous sites and museums throughout the city such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The British Museum, and The British Film Institute
    • Learn how to navigate the London Underground and sample typical British fare.
    • Take a flight on the London Eye, where you will  enjoy stunning 360-degree views of London
    • During the orientation period, you and your group will either stay in university housing or a hostel
    Day 4-8

    Thematic Component in London

    • Meet with members of a local youth media charity with whom you will complete a film, news, and TV project under the supervision of their filmmakers and experts. 
    • Begin developing you skills with camera training and an interview skills workshop..
    • Visit Stamford Bridge, home of the Chelsea Football Club to take a tour and a workshop on the business of football and sports media.
    • Participate in sessions that explore media ethics and media law. 

    During this period, you and your group will either stay in university housing or a hostel

    Day 9-21

    Homestay and thematic component

    • Become immersed in the daily lives of an English family and community as you share meals and join them in their activities.
    • Explore your host community and the surrounding area with your group.
    • Go on an excursion to Liverpool, tour the city, and visit the Beatles Museum.
    • Attend  film and theatre workshops and continue to explore the program theme by engaging in small media projects and engaging in sessions exploring themes on modern media in the digital age.
    • Go on an excursion to Manchester where you will tour the BBC Media City studios and visit the People’s History Museum.
    • Visit a local radio station and community TV stations.

    During this time you will stay in the home of a local family.

    Day 22-24

    Thematic component in Bradford

    • Become acquainted with the city of Bradford and play friendly games of football, cricket, or rounders with local youth…or practice being a sports reporter!
    • Visit the National Media Museum for an interactive workshop on media technology and create animation using clay figures, computers, and webcams.
    • Visit a youth center for a DJ workshop  and visit a youth café to work on a newspaper project.
    • Participate in a cultural identity workshop and visit a local mosque and Sikh and Hindu temples.
    • During this period you will either stay in a hotel or a hostel.
    Day 25-27

    Homestay in Worcester

    • You and fellow groupmates will stay with a local English family
    • Visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, visit The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and go backstage to interview the actors.
    • Have a day to prepare for the presentation of all your film, newspaper, and photo media  projects, then present them to your group and a local audience.

    During this period you and your group will likely stay at a short-term homestay

    Day 28

    Transfer to London

    • Reflect with your group on your experiences during the program and prepare for your return
    • Do some last minute souvenir shopping and have a celebratory final dinner with your group.

    During this period you and your group will either stay in university housing or a hostel

    Day 29


    Please note: This itinerary is only a sample and is subject to change. Because of factors such as group size and availability of in-country offerings such as festivals, your experience — including sites visited and the number of days spent in each location — may differ somewhat from the one presented above.

Itinerary is subject to change.

Past Group Leaders

  • Jen Fowler

    Jen Fowler is an enginist (engineer + artist) committed to using her formal training in writing and broadcasting to raise the volume of global voices. A graduate of The New School (BA Journalism) and a proud New Yorker, Jen is on loan to Alexandria, Virginia working towards her MSW in Trauma Counseling. She currently works as a citizenship instructor, immigration rights advocate, and Veteran rights advocate. Jen is thrilled to be a return-leader for The Experiment and looks forward to another summer working with inspiring young leaders! When not traveling, she spends her time backstage in Broadway theaters, listening to NPR, and eating frosting out of the can.

Student Voices

  • This trip was the domino that set off my fervor for travel even more. Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to travel and I finally had the chance to do what I dreamed of. We learned about journalism in a way so unlike any other. We were immersed in it and got to feel what exactly it took to be a journalist.

  • I met people who became my family during our four weeks in the UK, and I met people who exposed me to new things. I learned about cultures and communities I hadn’t been immersed in before. I went on this trip knowing very little about journalism, and not necessarily wanting to be a journalist, just being interested. I left knowing so much more about what I want to do with my life (and I thought I had it pretty clear), and knowing more about myself. One of the biggest things I learned is that journalism isn’t just for journalists, it’s for anyone who wants to tell a story.

  • We learned to use professional camera equipment, conduct interviews, and direct news shows. We even took our skills to the streets and interviewed Londoners on the cost of living in London. It was an amazing experience! In the evening, we were given a lot of free time and a bunch of us spent it going to Shakespearean plays, dining in Italian joints, drinking tea, exploring the scenic parks, visiting museums, or shopping in bookstores or music shops

  • I learned quite a lot about journalism such as how to set up a camera, how to do street interviews, how to work the individual microphones, etc. I also learned a lot about Britain, as well as current events such as Br-exit, the cutbacks in the National Health Service, and so forth. I also learned the language difference and cultural difference between each city, such as the Scousers of Liverpool and the Londoners of London. On top of that, we did lots of site-seeing, visiting like the London Eye, the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster.