Explore themes of peace, politics, and human rights during a high school summer abroad.

Experience the impacts and interplay of history, politics, and civil society on and within your host country. Discover how community groups and individuals have built bridges of peace, tolerance, and understanding to foster more democratic and equitable societies.

  • Germany

    Germany: International Relations & The E.U.

    Travel through Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg as you learn about international politics and gain fascinating insights into the European Union.

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  • India

    India: Indian Culture & Traditions

    Explore India’s rich culture and traditions. Witness the majesty of elephants and the Taj Mahal. Visit urban and rural communities to discover how this ancient civilization developed through the ages.

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  • Jordan

    Jordan: Arabic Language & The Middle East

    Develop your Arabic language skills while exploring Jordan’s social, political, and environmental landscapes. Explore the country’s ancient landmarks, such as Petra and the Dead Sea.

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  • Netherlands

    The Netherlands: LGBTQ+ Rights & Advocacy

    Experience the Netherlands’ progressive approach to LGBTQ+ rights, gender issues, and sex education. Learn how to become a better advocate for the community.

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  • South Africa

    South Africa: Leadership & Social Change

    Experience South Africa’s diversity, complex history, and modern life while exploring social change. Learn leadership and project planning skills to make a difference in your own community.

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  • South Korea

    South Korea: Peacebuilding & Modern Culture

    Explore themes of peace and conflict resolution while experiencing the distinct blend of modern K-pop culture and ancient traditions in South Korea.

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  • Spain

    Spain: Technology & Innovation in Urban Culture

    Discover Spain’s cutting-edge role in creating more sustainable city life through technological innovation. Work with tech experts to learn the evolving concepts of urban development.

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  • United States

    United States: Human Rights & College Discovery

    Travel from the North to the South while learning about the history of civil rights in the United States. Experience America’s rich diversity and civil rights movement while visiting the campuses of top universities along the way.

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