Become a Global Leader  

    Develop your leadership skills by connecting with high school students in the U.S., Middle East and North Africa this summer with The Experiment Digital, or become an effective leader through an international experience with The Experiment Leadership Institute.

    The Experiment Digital

    Designed to connect hundreds of young people across the U.S. with peers in Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region, The Experiment Digital prepares participants to be more civically engaged and lead change.

    Students come away from the program with: 

    • An enhanced understanding and practice of leadership 

    • Increased involvement in civil society and volunteering 

    • Mutual understanding between youth from different cultures 

    This fully funded eight-week summer virtual experience teaches students to formulate and implement service projects in their local communities. Apply Now

    The Experiment Leadership Institute

    The Experiment Leadership Institute offers a highly competitive, fully funded program for participants with demonstrated interest in intercultural leadership, global issues, and civic engagement.

    The Experiment Leadership Institute offers a four-week program in India specifically focused on leadership development. This program fosters discussions on critical global issues in public health, human rights, and social change. The Experiment Leadership Institute promotes understanding of these and other global issues and provides insight into what communities are doing to address these challenges.

    The Experiment Leadership Institute is on hold to Summer 2022. We will publish updates about this program next fall 2021.

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