Discover the arts of another culture during a high school summer abroad.

Develop your creativity and hone your artistic talents in an inspiring new surrounding abroad. Learn about art history in the context of a particular country and explore the relationship between art, politics, and society in different historical periods. Discover how art has been utilized in social movements and social change. While engaging with different art forms relevant to your host country, learn under the mentorship of local professional artists, musicians, and educators.

Arts you may explore on your program include photojournalism, painting, photography, anime and manga, poetry, and music.

  • France

    France: Fine Arts & Photography

    Develop your fine arts skills through photography, painting, and drawing while practicing the French language as you experience the beauty of Paris and Provence.

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  • Japan

    Japan: Japanimation | Anime & Manga

    Express yourself in the anime and manga capital of the world. Develop your illustration skills and design techniques with behind-the-scenes insight from industry experts.

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  • Nicaragua

    Nicaragua and Cuba: Arts & Social Change

    Delve into the creative arts in Nicaragua and Cuba and examine how people in both countries have used art, poetry, music, and dance to promote social change. Learn about Cuba’s significance in Latin American history and the connections with one of its southern neighbors.

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  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom: Journalism & Contemporary Media

    Travel to England to develop your journalism and media skills, from news and sports broadcasting to film production, while exploring famous sites as you travel from London to Liverpool.

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