Our Leaders

Each Experiment group is accompanied by two trained adult leaders. Maximizing the safety and health of all participants is each group leader’s top priority.

Teaching Travel: Why I’m An Experiment Leader.
Read Ariana Chomitz's reflection of her summer as a group leader in Korea.

Ongoing Support—from Program Start to Finish

Experimenters are met by their two group leaders at a specific meeting location in the designated port of departure in the US. Group leaders immediately start engaging participants in conversations and ice-breaker activities.

Right away — and continuing throughout the in-country orientation — leaders work with Experimenters to increase their knowledge of the host country and culture, develop communication skills, and cultivate new attitudes and awareness. During the course of the program, group leaders keep in close contact with homestay families, conduct group excursions, and guide participants through discussions of and reflections on their experiences.

At the end of the program, leaders help participants evaluate their experiences and assist them in considering how they can integrate what they learned about themselves and the world into their lives moving forward. Group leaders are responsible adults who support Experimenters in a number of ways.

Group Leader Qualifications

Experiment group leaders are chosen for their leadership skills, particularly in working with young people, and their cross-cultural experience and language competence.

The Experiment selects group leaders who have:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Leadership experience working with high school students
  • Experience studying and living overseas
  • Competence in the language of the host country

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