Academic and Career Impact

We are Experiment alumni.

Dasia MooreAlumna: Dasia Moore

Experiment program: France: French Culture and Regional Identity, 2013

Undergraduate major: Ethics, Politics, and Economics (interdisciplinary)

School: Yale University (anticipated graduation, 2018)

Current position and affiliation: Intern, City of New Haven’s Office of Development and Policy

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

My Experiment opened me to new possibilities for my academic and professional paths. I have become very interested in investigating the intersections between different disciplines, cultures, and problems; I am now pursuing an interdisciplinary major and hope to work in a field that allows me to facilitate connections between government and nonprofit work.

Anwar Abdul-WahabAlumnus: Anwar Abdul-Wahab

Experiment program: Thailand: Buddhist Traditions and Contemporary Culture, 2006

Undergraduate major: Politics

Graduated from: Brandeis University

Recent position and affiliation: Fulbright Scholar to Thailand, Cultural Ambassador and English Educator

Current location: New York, New York

I wrote about the Experiment when I applied to college and later for a Fulbright scholarship. In both essays, I focused on the real lesson I learned in Thailand, which was about adaptation—how to adapt to an environment completely different from your own—and also how to look for aspects of cultural commonality. I owe The Experiment a great deal of gratitude for helping me get this far in my life.

Spencer FennAlumnus: Spencer Fenn

Experiment program: China: Ethnic Minorities and Contemporary Culture, 2007

Undergraduate major: Biomedical Materials Science

Graduated from: University of Manchester (UK)

Current position and affiliation: PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering, University of Vermont

Location: Burlington, Vermont

When I made it back home, I was hungry for more. I quickly started planning my future, no longer afraid to immerse myself in other cultures. I ended up applying to many universities abroad, which I never would have been comfortable doing if it had not been for my eye-opening experience with The Experiment.

Zara MahmudAlumna: Zara Mahmud

Experiment program: Japan: Language and Cultural Traditions, 2008

Undergraduate major: Communication Arts—Advertising

Graduated from: St. Francis College (BA); Emerson College (MA)

Current position and affiliation: Executive Assistant for Program Planning Operations and Analysis at HBO; Adjunct Professor in Communication Arts at St. Francis College 

Location: New York, New York

My Experiment was a journey of self-discovery and building self-confidence. Academically, my experience prepared me to enter college and know that I could succeed in any new environment.