Our first stop was the royal palace of Fez, known for its beautiful doors.

We then dove into exploring the famous craftsmanship of Fez through our visit to a ceramics and mosaic cooperative. The government reserves money for the co-op to train artisans each year. They make beautiful clay tagines, dishes, and boxes, as well as elaborate mosaic tables, fountains, and floors. Melany got to try her hand at making a ceramic dish!

We then went into the Medina- the largest in Morocco with over 9,000 streets! Needless to say, we needed a local guide, who taught us some Arabic and the history of the Medina. Among our many stops, we visited jewelry makers, scarf weavers, and of course, the famous leather tanneries. Britney even helped weave a scarf!  Students bargained for some amazing silver jewelry, some scarfs made from agave silk and argan dye, and some beautiful leather bags. We also visited the oldest university in the world!

We wrapped up the day eating some delicious Moroccan tagines, made with quince, and drinking some Moroccan mint tea!

Off to our homestay!