“We’ve had a busy few days in Marrakech, the red city of Morocco ! We hit the ground running and immediately went to Jamaa El Fna Square, where students reported back on what they saw, smell, touched, tasted, or heard. Many saw monkeys, snake charmers, hand woven rugs, horse drawn carriages, and vendors selling everything from carved wooden sculptures to iPhones. Kata and Raina bargained for some amazing pants, and Melany  found some beautiful postcards!


On day two, we toured Bahia palace, learning about Moroccan architecture, Amazigh cultures, Islam, and the history of Marrakech. We visited a herbalist where students learned about different natural products, such as Argan oil and orange blossom, , and their various medical and cosmetic purposes. Students bought spices, lip sticks, loofahs, oils and soaps!!


For lunch, students tried various Moroccan dishes, including pastilla- a sweet and savory dish of chicken and almonds with powdered sugar and cinnamon!


We’re now off to Ouarzazate as we slowly make our way to the Sahara! More updates to come! “