An Experiment I Wouldn’t Change for the World

After a short travel from New York to Washington DC, a new phase of this program began. This phase just so happened to be one of my favourites. I have loved the monuments, memorials and beautiful places we have visited and people we have met. But a simple game of uno with all these people that the world meant for to be here, in that moment, laughing till they cried, talking about who they were and what they believed in made me feel as if the world was a big place. And I was here, in this big place, living. Jumping and dancing and watching sunsets and singing and, just living. In this last week I have found love where I never thought I could, I have found new perspectives, I have found the things that make people different, and how that makes us the same. I have found home away from home. I have experimented with my life. An experiment I wouldn’t change for the world. -Hania