At 9:00 am, we departed the city of Baotou for the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. When arriving there, we all felt very excited to experience the Mongolian culture by staying in yurts, eating traditional Mongolian food, and living day to day life as the Inner Mongolian people do. During the day, we mainly hung out with one another and played games, which  allowed us to enjoy our time as opposed to constantly being on the move. We enjoyed our afternoon riding horses with the Mongolian people, eating their food, and using our Chinese speaking skills to converse with them. When nighttime approached, we were all even more excited to join them in their bonfire party. They had traditional Mongolian music and singing, and the whole group joined them in dances and lighting sparklers. After the bonfire, the whole group went out to the fields to sit on blankets, listen to music, and gaze at the stars. Overall, traveling to Inner Mongolia was such a fascinating and enjoyable experience. We are all so grateful that the Mongolians welcomed us to their village to experience their culture.