First week in Peru

Written by Experimenter Ben

Day 1: We took a bus to the center of Lima. There, we observed beautiful architecture, two ornately-decorated plazas, and a daily nationalist party celebration.

Our group in Plaza San Martín

Day 2: We went to the university. There, we were welcomed with a presentation of different Peruvian cultures through music, art, dance, and food. We ate lunch at the university as well and then danced and played basketball with university students. In the evening, we got to go to a mall which had a beautiful view of the skyline and the beaches in Lima.

Dancing with the students who prepared the presentation for us!
Day 3: We began the day by going to MALI. While there, we were given a chronological tour of Peruvian art. We then went to a buffet restaurant and a horse show with dancing. After that, we explored Pachacamac, where we saw llamas, alpacas, and were guided through gorgeous ancient architecture.

Checking out the pieces at the Museum of Art of Lima.
Day 4: We had lunch at the university, and then learned a hip hop dance and The Marinera, a traditional Peruvian dance. After that, we met our host families for the first night of our two night stay in Villa El Salvador. We were able to practice our Spanish and eat delicious food!

Busting a move with our new friends.

Day 5: After waking up with our host families, we met at the university. We shopped for food with Peruvian students at a local market. We then went to a local community center where we performed tasks such as dish washing and cleaning chicken while also making conversation with university students and others who ate the food. We met up again with our host families, and most of us got to listen to live music in Municipal Park before spending our second and final night with our host families.

I got the brown sugar!