China: Chinese Language & CultureProgram Stories
July 17, 2017

To the Grasslands!

At 9:00 am, we departed the city of Baotou for the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. When arriving there, we all felt very excited to experience the Mongolian culture by staying in yurts, eating traditional Mongolian food, and living day to day life as the Inner Mongolian people do. During the…
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Program Stories
July 12, 2017

Homestay in Nicaragua

“Our home stay in Lagartillo was a completely different experience, nothing I’d ever been exposed to. The community was much smaller than what I’m used to. The Lagartillo lifestyle has the foundation of a deep connection to nature, as well as one of simplicity. Although the differences between my old…
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Japan: Language & CultureProgram Stories
July 11, 2017

Japanimation Greetings

“It’s been about fifteen days since we departed from LAX and I have the same excitement as day one. Recently we’ve been taking anime class and I’ve learned some pretty incredible knowledge on creating anime. We learned how manga was drawn and finalized, how anime is animated, and how to…
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France: Cultural DisoveryProgram Stories
July 10, 2017

Greetings from France: Painting and Photography in Paris and Provence!

11am, Arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport. After retrieving our bags from the carrousel, the art/photo and culinary groups meet up with Fatima, a French university student and intern from Centre Educatif International (CEI), our in-country partner for all French programs. We boarded a coach bus and departed in the direction…
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France: Cultural DisoveryProgram Stories
July 10, 2017

Bonjour from France: Regional Cultures

Bonjour à tous! Our first week in France has come and gone. Every single day was filled with super fun adventures! On June 29, we arrived in Paris and were welcomed with the warm Parisian sun (that we would never see again). Our first adventure started right then and there;…
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Program StoriesSpain: Cultural Discovery
June 30, 2017

Spain: Language and Cultural Traditions | Student Voices

June 30, 2017 By Olivia We climbed off the plane, each separately shaking off the heavy residue of sleep that lingered chased us from the hot and rather sticky constraints of the plane. “Gracias,” the attendants murmured as we passed – a simple act that seemed to signify that we…
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Morocco: From the Mediterranean to the SaharaProgram StoriesWanderlust
January 28, 2017


Bridging cultural divides is more important than ever. Our programs in the Arabic-speaking world place a high regard on closing those gaps by having our students live directly with a host family. This is an invaluable experience for each participant, helping them to develop a strong connection and sense of…
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About The ExperimentProgram StoriesWanderlust
January 14, 2017

An 85-year-old peacebuilding mission that is as relevant as ever

The Experiment in International Living began in 1932 as an organization that challenged the status quo and sought to use cultural immersion as a bridge to create peace and understanding, one friendship at a time.
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