Brazil- São Paulo – by Romario

Experimenter- Romario

São Paulo mornings is not as cold as Serra Negra mornings. As we all wake up to the smell of coffee and whatever cake Rosa made we pack our cleats and shin guards and head to the soccer field in the inner parts of São Paulo. Once we reach the field we are immediately greeted by our Coach Bino and others soccer players. With our cleats on we start warming up with a soccer ball under the morning Brazilian sun. With every drill we count in Portuguese and always have the ball on our side. Binho our coach wanted us to work on our speed today so we did drills that made us sweat like a pig but it was worth it. After all the soccer practice we went and ate food to gain our energy back from all that practice. Eating all that food was so enjoyable but we then had to go do community service in a school where our coach Binho taught capoeira, soccer and more. It was amazing to help a school where kids are in need of help. What me and my friends did was we helped paint and outline a futsal field so that kids in the school are able to play soccer with there friends at school. It was a good feeling to give back to the community and knowing that you made a difference in Brazil.