The Experiment Impact

The Experiment’s alumni base comprises more than 70,000 people over its 85-year history. We recently surveyed 550 alumni about The Experiment’s impact on their academic and career trajectories, as well as the development of their intercultural and leadership skills, and found some affirming results:

reported The Experiment increased understanding of international social issues
reported The Experiment increased ability to work with others within groups or on teams
reported The Experiment proved useful on academic applications

When I made it back home, I was hungry for more. I quickly started planning my future, no longer afraid to immerse myself in other cultures. I ended up applying to many universities abroad, which I never would have been comfortable doing if it had not been for my eye-opening experience with The Experiment.
Spencer Fenn

Alumnus: Spencer Fenn
Experiment program: China: Ethnic Minorities and Contemporary Culture, 2007
Undergraduate major: Biomedical Materials Science
Graduated from: University of Manchester (UK)
Current position and affiliation: Ph.D. candidate in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, University of Vermont
Location: Burlington, Vermont

I wrote about the Experiment when I applied to college and later for a Fulbright scholarship. In both essays, I focused on the real lesson I learned in Thailand, which was about adaptation—how to adapt to an environment completely different from your own—and also how to look for aspects of cultural commonality. I owe The Experiment a great deal of gratitude for helping me get this far in my life.
Anwar Abdul-Wahab

Alumnus: Anwar Abdul-Wahab
Experiment program: Thailand: Buddhist Traditions and Contemporary Culture, 2006
Undergraduate major: Politics
Graduated from: Brandeis University
Recent position and affiliation: Fulbright Scholar to Thailand, Cultural Ambassador and English Educator
Current location: Kalasin, Thailand

My Experiment opened me to new possibilities for my academic and professional paths. I have become very interested in investigating the intersections between different disciplines, cultures, and problems; I am now pursuing an interdisciplinary major and hope to work in a field that allows me to facilitate connections between government and nonprofit work.
Dasia Moore

Alumna: Dasia Moore
Experiment program: France: French Culture and Regional Identity, 2013
Undergraduate major: Ethics, Politics, and Economics (interdisciplinary)
School: Yale University (anticipated graduation, 2018)
Current position and affiliation: Intern, City of New Haven’s Office of Development and Policy
Location: New Haven, Connecticut

My Experiment was a journey of self-discovery and building self-confidence. Academically, my experience prepared me to enter college and know that I could succeed in any new environment.
Zara Mahmud

Alumna: Zara Mahmud
Experiment program: Japan: Language and Cultural Traditions, 2008
Undergraduate major: Communication Arts—Advertising
Graduated from: St. Francis College (BA); Emerson College (MA)
Current position and affiliation: Executive Assistant for Program Planning Operations and Analysis at HBO; Adjunct Professor in Communication Arts at St. Francis College
Location: New York, New York