How to Apply

The Experiment invites you to apply online to our select portfolio of programs abroad for this summer. Through our experiential and culturally immersive programs, Experimenters gain critical skills such as leadership, teamwork, intercultural competence, language acquisition, and problem-solving. Read our FAQs to learn more about The Experiment’s 360-degree approach to risk management related to the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as our enrollment process and timeline. Apply now to summer abroad 2021 programs, including: Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Ecology & Sustainability , Jordan: Arabic Language & The Middle East and The Netherlands: LGBTQ+ Rights and Advocacy. The priority admissions deadline is on March 10th and the final admissions deadline is on April 15th.

Please check back later this month for our final summer abroad program selections. We also encourage you to apply now for The Experiment Digital, our virtual international exchanges for spring and summer 2021.

Application Checklist

Once you’ve selected your program, the following items will need to be completed within the Application Portal.

Virtual Exchanges

In-Person Summer Abroad Programs

Application Form (Including applicant and parent/guardian information) Application Form (Including applicant and parent/guardian information)
Short Answers Short Answers
Audio Upload Note: The written prompts can be viewed here.
Note: The written and audio prompts can be viewed here.

We encourage you to save your work in a MS Word document, and copy and paste your text into your application in one sitting. Once you complete your application for admission and upon acceptance, you will be asked to submit, via the Application Portal, your confirmation materials, including a signed Conditions of Participation form to confirm participation in your program, Assumption of Risk form, Health Forms, and your passport copy, if you have not already. If you do not have a passport that is valid through February 2022, please apply for one immediately. The U.S. Department of State is not currently offering rush passport services and passport applications could take up to 12 weeks or more to process.

A Note to Parents/Guardians

After your child submits his or her online application, if your email address was entered, you will receive login credentials to The Experiment’s Application Portal, where you can view your child’s application, update your contact information, download confirmation materials, and enter additional information about your child. To access the parent/guardian site, you or your child must enter a unique email address on your child’s application.