Germany: The Alumni Experience

German History & Contemporary Culture

Follow in the footsteps of Donald Watt and his original group of Experimenters to Germany. Immerse yourself in the daily life of a host family in a community near the Rhine River. Get a taste of Germany through cooking classes, wine tasting, and meals at excellent local restaurants. Soak up German history in Nuremberg, Dresden, and Berlin while also exploring governance and contemporary issues in Germany and the European Union. Bond with your group as you share memories from your past Experiment, and create new memories with new Experimenters.


April 13, 2018






Physical Activity



Program Description

Do you remember your first Experiment? What if we said you could do it all over again?

In celebration of our 85th anniversary, The Experiment is offering a brand new exclusive program, Germany: The Alumni Experience, for Experiment alumni over 40 and their 18+ relatives or partners. From April 13-28, 2018, alumni will follow in the footsteps of Donald Watt and his original group of Experimenters to Germany as they enjoy cooking classes and wine tastings, soak up German history and culture, and spend time with a local family during a homestay.

Join us on this inaugural alumni journey.

International Travel: Participants can purchase their own flights to take advantage of their miles or preferred agent. The Experiment can also arrange your travel from the U.S.

Activity Level: Participants must be able to stand for a few hours at a time and walk 2-4 miles per day in an urban setting. Participants must be able to carry their own luggage, including onto trains and other public transportation.

Lodging: During the homestay, participants will stay in their own room in the home of a local family. Couples may request a shared homestay with one room for both people. During the orientation and stays in Nuremberg, Dresden, and Berlin, participants will share a hotel room with one other participant of the same gender. Couples on program may share a room. You may also request individual accommodation for an additional cost.

Meals: During the homestay, most meals are provided by your host family. Meals are included on excursions during the homestay. During travel in Nuremberg, Dresden, and Berlin, all meals are included except five dinners which you will enjoy on your own.



Must be an Experiment alumni over 40


April 13, 2018 - April 28, 2018 (2 weeks)

Program Fee:


(does not include airfare)

Frankfurt or Heidelberg



Other Accommodations:


Sample Itinerary

    Day 1: Orientation in Frankfurt or Heidelberg

    • Receive an introduction to German culture and take a survival language class.
    • Get to know your group through activities and group discussions.
    • Explore diverse neighborhoods, learn to navigate the city, and sample German fare.
    • Receive a health and safety briefing and homestay orientation session.
    Days 2–7: Homestay in Heidelberg

    • Become fully immersed in the daily life of a German family and community.
    • Explore your host community and the surrounding Rhine region.
    • Have a guided visit of the old town, Heidelberg University, and Heidelberg Castle.
    • Take a boat along the Rhine for a day trip to Rüdesheim, a UNESCO World Heritage site and wine-making town; learn about regional food through a cooking class in nearby Bingen.
    • Visit Neustadt an der Weinstraße for local wine tasting.
    Days 8–10: Field Exploration in Eastern Germany

    • Visit of the historic town of Nuremburg, where you will visit the Kaiserburg, the Nuremberg Trial Memorial, and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.
    • On the way to Dresden, stop and visit the small but greatly historical Mödlareuth village. Then witness the dramatic restoration of the Dresden Frauenkirche and the rest of the city.
    • Explore how Germany’s past, as witnessed in the sites you will visit, has shaped and informed contemporary Germany.
    Days 11-14: Exploration & Program Wrap-Up in Berlin

    • Participate in workshops on German history and politics and visit the Reichstag, the seat of German Parliament, and its impressive glass cupola.
    • Participate in guided tours of the major sites, including the remnants of the Berlin Wall.
    • Learn about the refugee situation in Germany and the European Union and walk through the city with refugees to experience Berlin through their eyes.
    • Take a dance workshop at the 19th-century ballroom Clärchens Ballhaus.
    • Reflect on your experience and prepare to return home, then celebrate with a final group dinner.
    Day 15: Departure

Itinerary is subject to change.

Pre-departure Documents