Learn a foreign language and be immersed in another culture during a high school summer abroad.

Participants in Language Training programs experience language immersion and discover the cultural complexities of a new country as they explore renowned historical sites, contemporary realities, and regional differences through a homestay and other meaningful community experiences. Many of these programs offer formal language training inside and outside of classroom settings.

Languages participants can learn include Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

  • China

    China: Chinese Language & Culture

    Learn or improve your Chinese while exploring bustling cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Discover the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Experience rural China through homestays.

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  • France

    France: French Language & Culture

    Advance your French language through classes and cultural immersion. Find inspiration while visiting the world’s most  celebrated art museums in Paris and go on a quest to capture the city’s charm under the guidance of a French photographer.

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  • Japan

    Japan: Japanese Language & Culture

    Study Japanese through intensive language training and exciting activities. Explore the country’s diverse regions, from vibrant Tokyo neighborhoods to the natural splendor of Hokkaido. 

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  • Jordan

    Jordan: Arabic Language & The Middle East

    Develop your Arabic language skills while exploring Jordan’s social, political, and environmental landscapes. Explore the country’s ancient landmarks, such as Petra and the Dead Sea.

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  • Spain

    Spain: Spanish Language & Culture

    Improve your Spanish with formal language training as  you explore Madrid and Andalucía’s cultural landmarks and hidden treasures.

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