Program Themes

The Experiment’s program themes give students the opportunity to explore a host country through a specific lens. The program pages’ colors coordinate with the themes below.

Virtual Exchanges

Connect with high school students around the world using dynamic digital platforms. Gain new thematic knowledge and interact with peers through videos, chats, dynamic webinars, interactive lessons, and games.

Sustainability & The Environment

Discover local, regional, and global perspectives on diverse ecological systems, environmental challenges, natural resource conservation, or sustainable practices.

Cultural Discovery & the Arts

Explore the relationship between art and society in different historical periods while diving deeper into a host country’s culture or developing your own creative skills.

Language Training

Receive formal language training and/or language practice beyond the classroom while exploring renowned historical sites and learning about local culture.

Peace, Politics, & Human Rights

Learn how community groups, individuals, and others worldwide have built bridges of peace, tolerance, and understanding to foster more democratic and equitable societies.

Program Components

Each Experiment program includes several of the following components.

Component descriptions can be used as an overall guide in choosing a program that best fits each Experimenter’s interests. Use the icons to identify components each individual program.

Peace, Politics, & Human Rights

Understand the country’s social justice efforts and political processes.


Learn about native wildlife, ecology, sustainability practices, and challenges to local environments. Learn about sustainable practices in various disciplines.


Receive formal painting and photography instruction and/or gain exposure to fine arts, poetry, music, and/or the performing arts.

Social Change

Gain exposure to the social issues and movements of the host country.


Gain exposure to local foods. Some programs offer culinary training through hands-on activities, typically led by culinary experts.


These programs specifically focus on leadership development.


Receive formal language training and/or language practice beyond the classroom while exploring renowned historical sites and learning about local culture.

Community Service

Work on a project organized by our in-country partners and the community the project serves.


A certificate in language or community service achievement will be awarded at the end of the program.

Physical Activity

Explore the city or countryside by foot or bike.


Witness wildlife in its natural habitat through hiking, snorkeling, boating, and more, and/or visiting conservation centers.


Experience wildlife safaris at game reserves or conservation areas.

Rugged Travel

Travel on bumpy roads or other rugged conditions via off-road vehicle and/or bus.

Water Activity

Go swimming, snorkeling, white-water rafting, kayaking, etc.

Outdoor Activity

Participate in hiking, trekking, biking, horseback riding, and/or zip-lining activities.


Become immersed in the daily life of a local family through homestays, a cornerstone of The Experiment.

Temple Stay

Stay overnight in a temple to fully experience its history and beauty.