U.S Domestic Partners

The Experiment partners with more than 60 high schools, mentoring organizations, community groups, and individual donors and foundations to provide targeted funding of various levels to participants. These special arrangements can result in a wide variety of scholarships and funding levels.


International Partners

The Experiment has developed an extensive network of in-country partners — including international educators, homestay coordinators, Experiment group co-leaders, and local guides — who help us design each program and support our groups on the ground through their access to local services like healthcare, communication, and transportation. The Experiment also has deep ties to local communities that promote intercultural learning and communication through immersive activities that enhance language skills, empathy, flexibility, and resilience.

The Experiment is a founding member of Federation EIL, Inc. (federationeil.org), a 63-year-old independent non-profit that brings together a worldwide network of organizations based in 17 countries. Federation EIL members promote intercultural learning experiences through homestays, group travel, study abroad, language training, work exchange, and other cultural immersion programs.

The Experiment in International Living has been a truly valuable partner of the SEO Scholars program in helping prepare our students for life in college and beyond. We feel confident that when our Scholars are on the Experiment program, they are immersed in meaningful and insightful cultural experiences that push them to fully experience the world abroad. This is no vacation; it is a journey of self-discovery. Our Scholars return wiser, tougher, and more confident in their abilities to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of college graduation and success in the professional world.

Emil KimSenior Program Manager SEO Scholars

This is one of our favorite programs for University Academy students. We know the scholarships we provide toward The Experiment empower students to embark on adventures of lifelong significance. We know students who participate are primed to persist in college and gain a competitive edge that promotes their ongoing success. Students come back with an expanded view of themselves and the world that continues to open doors for them long after they return home.

David RuckerExecutive Director Friends of University Academy

We partner with the Experiment in International Living for the breadth of their programs and longstanding history of providing high quality summer abroad opportunities for high school students. When Schuler Scholars travel with The Experiment, we know that they will be safely challenged to step outside of their comfort zones and develop a greater understanding of their selves and place in the world.

Andy SonnesynCollege Counselor Schuler Scholar Program