Spain: Technology and Social Innovation in Urban Culture

Learn how urban youth are making culturally important advances in technology while engaging in hands-on projects during this immersive high school summer abroad program in Spain.

Discover Spain’s cutting-edge role in imagining and creating more sustainable urban life on this high school summer abroad program. Explore Madrid, the capital city, where young people are using innovations like solar power, 3D printers, and other digital technology to transform public space—providing alternatives to traditional industrial design. Through interactive workshops, learn about the importance of urban innovations like these in improving daily life, education, and the economy for people living in growing cities.

While in Madrid, you will have the opportunity to visit three separate institutes dedicated to urban development and sustainability: The Makespace, Impact Hub, and FabLab House. Meet young innovators at each organization who are tackling not only quality-of-life issues in their own communities, but who are also using technology to work toward social participation and problem solving on a global scale. After learning and observing in these incredible spaces, work hands-on with artists and entrepreneurs on their digital prototypes and projects, and take on a project of your own choosing. From Madrid, travel to Valencia and volunteer on urban projects before meeting your homestay family in Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of Spain’s Balearic Islands. Here, engage in social urban development activities focused on music, theater, urban art, and cartooning. Explore the expansive city, witnessing how technology plays a unique and significant role.

Embark next on a cultural trip to Barcelona, Spain’s second most populated city, to explore artistic and architecturally astounding sites—like Gaudí’s Park Güell and Sagrada Familía—and put your toes into the Mediterranean Sea. Immerse yourself once again into a different urban lifestyle and culture, using your observations and hands-on skills learned in Spain to spot technological advances and discuss concepts of urban development as a young global citizen.

Orientation: Madrid, 3 days
Homestays: Palma de Mallorca,* 12 days
Other Accommodations: Hotels and hostels

* Homestay locations can vary.