Letter from the Executive Director

Empowering the Next Generation of Global Leaders

Executive Director Aaron MorehouseThank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about The Experiment in International Living, the high school summer abroad program of World Learning, founded in 1932.

Each year, I am inspired by the hundreds of high school students who pursue an Experiment summer abroad program. These students are intensely curious, passionate, and solutions-oriented young people seeking to engage with and learn from dynamic individuals, communities, and cultures across the globe, in highly respectful and interactive ways. Experimenters come from very different socioeconomic, racial, educational, and geographic backgrounds, in the US and abroad.

Experiment participants are looking to better understand the complexity of the issues shaping the world they will come to lead—issues such as public health, biodiversity, human rights, food systems, and social change. They are thinking ahead and recognize how The Experiment serves to meet their college and career goals; these students know it is not only critical to expand their knowledge base of global issues but to acquire core competencies in leadership, intercultural communication skills, cross-cultural empathy, and resilience. These skills are vital to meeting the contemporary challenges presented by a globalized economy and our highly interconnected social and natural environments.

Over the decades, The Experiment has diversified its programs to reflect the contemporary issues shaping the globe. Through the Experiment Leadership Institute, which launched in summer 2015, we are offering a portfolio of highly competitive programs, with full scholarships, that are focused on leadership development and civic engagement. The institute provides a new track of issues-oriented programs consistent with our institutional mission to develop the next generation of global leaders.

We are committed to unveiling new initiatives and program offerings, such as the Leadership Institute, while continuing to preserve the core values and mission-oriented approach that we have maintained since 1932. Understanding different people’s perspectives and the profound ways in which global issues can impact communities differently has always been at the crux of The Experiment in International Living. Experiment participants don’t go abroad to teach or instruct others; they go abroad to learn from others and discover what is required—particularly in terms of leadership, collaboration, and advanced global proficiency—to bring about substantive and meaningful change in individual communities worldwide.

I invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about The Experiment’s current summer abroad programs by calling 800 345-2929 or emailing experiment@worldlearning.org.

Thank you,

Aaron Morehouse, PhD

Executive Director
The Experiment in International Living, a program of World Learning